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Education with AI

We Are Ready with innovating learning solution over text-books for engaging students teachers on Same platform

Digital Verification System

Various financial domains involves handwritten Form fill up process, we provide handwriting-recognition for digitalization.

Robotic Fraud Detection

Robotics Process Automation for banking sector, Applying RPA with Artificial intelligence can create customer profile reports in Few Seconds.

Big DataSet Generator

Quickly generate large volumes of custom data in a variety of formats for use of training machine learning models and... so on


" Provide End-to-End Solutions for your product. "


Machine Learning Solutions

Everbody knows machine learning but we develop the math alogorithm to deliver 99+ percernt accuracy with optimized training performance. We are proud to call ourself team of mathematician than data scientists


Robotics Process Automation

We Provide custom made RPA solutions for various industries such as Banking and insurance we have saved huge $money$ for paid software alternatives. Domains we are working on are Banking and Insurance.


Auto DevOps Applications

We Automating the DevOps itself through our expertise in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. By opting our services you will not need any DevOps professional in your organization for setting up pipelines of software development life cycle.


AI for Big Data

We have created a robost Data set generator for generating a Big Data sets. But Big data is useless without conclusive inference out of it hence Power of machine learning at our high speed computing infrastructure is applied by us to make those infereces really quick


AI for IoT

Using cloud services for IoT applications to capture data(Big Data) and perform machine learning algorithm on these data to provide feed for live IoT devices and optimizig efficiency of IoT devices real time. e.g. Use of Speech processing

AI for Blockchain

As we can provide end to end solution for machine learning from training to modeling to production we are working on various Distributed Autonomous Organization(DAO). We are also proud to use multiple blockchains together for creating state of the art DAOs

About Us

When top Python coders in India decided to provide service to society by sharing their knowledge, Python Brains was born. We beilieve that “Teaching and learning is not limited to classroom and text books only". Python Brains has changed the lives of many student through our innovative teaching style and now scaling the aggrandize effect of the same through their proprietary software technology.Python Brains include data set generator for Big Data, machine learning, Deep learning technology and neural network, high performance computing solution for deep learning and cloud infrastructure for machine leaning. Some of the major clients, contributions, sponsors are Amazon's Alexa, Google's Tensorflow, kaggle, PFS (Python software foundation).


" Many People One Goal ! "

Sujeet Brahmankar

CEO, Co-founder

Mohnish Awade

Chief Strategist

Nanasaheb Jadhav

COO, Mentor

Sujit Deokar

Research Data Scientist

Carrers @PythonBrains

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